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Meet our Team

Kerri-Leigh Beck

Director/Tax Agent

Allow me to begin with a heartfelt confession: my journey into the world of accounting was not a deliberate choice, but rather a calling that I wholeheartedly embraced. Starting as a fresh-faced receptionist with a willingness to seize any opportunity that life presented, little did I realize that this path would ignite a deep passion for the industry and a genuine desire to assist my clients in achieving remarkable success.

Over the years, I dedicated myself to continuous learning, culminating in over 18 years of expertise in the realms of accounting, finance, and business. In 2016, a opportunity arose to acquire Roma Taxation Services—a chance I eagerly seized. This enabled me to share my vast knowledge with clients and colleagues alike, contributing meaningfully to various local industries. The journey hasn't been without its challenges, but the sense of fulfillment it has brought me is immeasurable.

Today, I take immense pride in my work and relish the opportunities to learn and grow, both professionally and personally. My roots are firmly planted in Roma, where I have lived my whole life alongside my family. My partner Gene and I have been blessed with two beautiful children, Matilda and Archie, and the ability to raise them in the close embrace of our supportive community is truly gratifying.

Beyond my professional endeavours, I actively engage in numerous local sports, including touch football, netball and clay target shooting. Moreover, giving back to the community is close to my heart, as I participate in local sporting boards and committees.

Weekends are cherished moments spent reconnecting with friends and family, savouring the joys of togetherness and building lasting memories. In essence, I find fulfilment in embracing both my personal and professional roles as a contributing member of this vibrant community.

Liana Leard

Tax & Compliance Associate

I have almost 8 years total experience working in an accounting firm; however, I took a break from the industry for a few years where I pursued and built a career as a local Property Manager in Roma. Following the birth of my first child I decided to return to the accounting industry where I have now been working at Roma Taxation Services since 2017.


I am very passionate about my role as a Tax and Compliance Associate and enjoy the interaction with our clients daily. I am currently in the process of expanding my knowledge and enrolling to complete a Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping.


I first made the move to Roma in 2012 from north of Brisbane - I am a city girl at heart but very much enjoy the country atmosphere. After falling in love with Roma my husband and I decided to buy our first home in 2014 and start the journey of house renovations ahhhh - we are almost finished YAY!


When I am not working I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends. I also enjoy playing sport participating and volunteering as the treasurer in the local Touch Football competition.

Jill Robinsen

Senior Bookkeeper

My passion for finance first started when I was given the opportunity to change my focus within my existing CSA role in a Government Department to either Land Titles or Purchasing. I decided that the time had come for me to widen my finance knowledge and accepted a position as a Finance Assistant at a local Oil and Gas company, where I spent 2 years learning the basic of finance under a great mentor.

My parents own a small local company and became very busy with the height of the CSG boom within the community. So I decided to take a job opportunity to not only help my parents but broaden my knowledge some more. This is where I was first introduced to the program Xero, and fell in love.

Having lived in Roma my whole life, I decided to embark on a 6-month trip (which turned into 2 years) exploring Australia with my 3 dogs in a Ute and a rooftop, which eventually resulted in upgraded to a caravan. During this time, I decided to take this opportunity and I plunged into studying a Cert. 4 in Bookkeeping with Open College of Accounting and Finance, where I graduated from in 2017.

In my off time I enjoy playing at our local Touch Football club in both ladies, where I play for a team that is sponsored by Roma Tax, and a mixed competitions. I also held the position of Treasurer for 5 years. If I’m not at work, you can find me out, camping, fishing or hiking in our beautiful region with my family and friends.

Bec Phillimore

CPA Accountant

Born and raised on a dairy farm, as a kid I always thought that I would become a farmer just like my Mum and Dad. It wasn’t until I discovered bookkeeping at high school that my life changed, not only did I find that this was something I loved I was also good at it. Straight out of high school I went to University and got my Accounting Degree.


I started working in my local area (Woodford, QLD) for an Accountant while studying at University and continued working in that firm for a further 3 years after I had finished my degree. I then made the decision to further my knowledge and moved to a firm closer to Brisbane, where I stayed for 6 years. During this time, I completed my CPA studies and was mentored by a fellow CPA. This was an amazing experience and to this day I still have a great relationship with my CPA mentor.


In April 2018 I moved to Roma with my partner, Mitch. My first employment in Roma was with the finance team at QLD Health which allowed me to gain experience of working in a large organization.


After having our first child in January 2019 and after 6 months maternity leave, I gained employment at Roma Taxation Services. Over the years of employment at Roma Tax Services, I have had 2 other children with another on the way and the flexibility of work life balance has been amazing. The support network within the Roma Taxation Services community has been very extraordinary and something that my family and I will be forever grateful to be part of. I look forward to continuing to be part of the Roma Taxation Services team and assisting with Taxation and business support within the Maranoa community.

Jorga Beutel

Client Service Advisor

After the completion of high school in 2016, I entered the world of accounting to explore my soon realised passion for the industry. Fast forward to 2023 and I have been fortunate enough to have nearly been an accounting client service advisor for 6 years. My passion for the industry resulted in wanting to further my knowledge by enrolling to complete my Certificate 4 in Accounting and Bookkeeping which I completed in early 2023.  


I joined the Roma Taxation Services team at the beginning of 2021 a few weeks after moving from my hometown, Toowoomba to Roma. Shortly after our move we’ve become settled on a property in the Roma community and don’t know if we could ever leave.


If I’m not at work or studying I will often be spending time with my family and friends, in the kitchen, helping on the property or in the garden. I also enjoying all things craft and often will have multiple crotchet and sewing projects in the works.

Trine Jakobsen

Undergraduate Accountant

I am currently completing my Bachelor of Accounting through UNE.

I have been employed by Roma Tax for over year now so some of our clients may already know me.

In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors, gardening, playing with my hounds, camping, and I enjoy being creative as well.

I was born in Denmark and became an Australian citizen in August 2022 which was a great honour.

I have been living in Roma for the last 7 years.

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